A Fork In The Road

 THE DECISION Over the last few months we've zig-zagged our way south on our bicycles through the United States, Mexico, the countries of Central America and finally over the  Panama Canal separating North and South America. This thin ribbon of land between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is a major hub of world travel as ships, planes, and almost every other mode of transportation funnels together forming a jumble of organized chaos as travellers compress in tight in order to springboard to some other part of the world.  
Panama City


  So along with the masses, we find that this connecting point between continents is also a major turning point for us. South America awaits, however, a trip back to Canada is in the works and this seems like the logical time and point along the route to make the return.There is no road between Central and South America and the cost to get us and our bikes from Panama to Columbia is huge. It does not seem the best use of our funds to sail to Columbia now, and then turn around and fly back to Canada. We are so excited that our youngest, Nathan, has recently gotten engaged and the big day is planned for September 14th. This a big event in our boy's life, and we want to celebrate this season together with him. We're also excited about the news that our daughter, Stephanie and Kyle (husband) have, after a long process, received final approvals regarding adoption. As soon as a match is made, they will be going to live in Africa for a few months. It would be great to see them before they go. And then our oldest son Ryan and Sarah (his wife) are in the midst of some exciting changes and have just moved across the country to Toronto and also just announced that another little one is on the way. Another very important consideration for us not to continue on to South America at this time is that Cheryl's knees have been acting up. Unfortunately, in spite of our best efforts to give them enough rest, they do not seem to be responding. They are okay when off the bike or riding gentle grades. However any serious hills bring on the pain and swelling. Ten years ago she had both knees operated on and we are not willing to risk any serious long lasting damage to them. South America has some very spectacular climbs (like The Andes), and to tackle them now with her current knee problems would be foolishly asking for trouble. One thing we've been learning over the past year is that if you're going to journey well, you must be flexible. It seems everyday there have been roadblocks that have challenged our plans only to open up new and exciting directions and opportunities. So our journey continues and soon we'll be changing gears and heading back to Canada for a while. Hugging grandchildren, catching up with family and friends, resting knees.  


  Thanks to everyone who has encourage us along the way. You'll never know how much your words, thoughts and prayers have helped us to keep pressing on. We're not exactly sure what the journey ahead will look like. But this we know, as long as we are alive and well, the adventure is not over. We'll be in touch, God Bless Randy and Cheryl  

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  1. Bike Hermit says:

    Randy and Cheryl,
    Following your tour has been entertaining and inspiring. What you’ve accomplished is really quite impressive. I betcha some saddle height/position adjustments would help Cheryl’s knees.

    • CRWORLD says:

      Hey Bike Hermit,
      Yeah was hoping that some seat adjustments would help. Played around with it a lot; up and down back and forth…clipped in and out. Seems to be something that just needs a break for a while to heal up. Hey, how about some touring around BC this summer…you guys are always welcome.

  2. Gloria says:

    What an adventure! I am so glad I was along for the ride (minus the physical part). This has been an amazing adventure to follow. Thanks for having me. I would imagine your family is ecstatic about your return. I know I was moved emotionally when I read this post. I admire you both for your willingness to put the “traditional” life on hold and follow what God has called you to do. May God continue to bless and guide you both as the journey continues. Gloria

  3. Karen says:

    You said: One thing we’ve been learning over the past year is that if you’re going to journey well, you must be flexible. It seems everyday there have been roadblocks that have challenged our plans only to open up new and exciting directions.

    Absolutely Amen!! I get frustrated sitting in the heat on the side of the road waiting for Everette to fix/accomplish something, impatient with the impatient grouchy hot children, then some wonderful thing happens which we would have totally missed if we’d been galavanting at our intended speed, etc. It’s just hard and sometimes disappointing not to ‘get’ what we had planned, but if we Trust, then it’s almost always better than we had imagined.

    May you have great peace as your plans change. And congratulations on all the great events to bless you and yours. Family rocks!!

  4. Nancy & Dale says:

    Just remember, if you find yourselves in Spokane, give us a call.
    Safe journey home.

  5. Jim Lambert says:

    Wow, you two have had an amazing adventure! I have truly enjoyed following you, reading every one of your posts and looking at every picture (not always easy on an iPhone for an old man) with envy. My wife would ride with me for maybe a mile, if the road was flat. If you restart your journey please keep me on your mailing list. If you don’t, keep in touch. If you ever get back to Bullhead City you are welcome to stay with us, no matter how close you stayed the night before. I have learned to enjoy your pace better than my own. Thank you for sharing your trip with me.
    Jim Lambert

  6. Ddiane and Ralph Ulmer says:

    Welcome Home! Sounds like good timing for some rest in your journey!!!! So excited for the upcoming blessings in your family. As always, we love you.

    In our thoughts and prayers
    Diane and Ralph

  7. Chris says:

    Hi Randy & Cheryl, Just read about your decision to turn around. Are you riding back north or flying? If riding, we would love to host you again in McCall.

    Godspeed home!

    Chris & Christine

    • CRWORLD says:

      Hey guys, Thanks for the offer. As much as we’d like to stop in, we’ll be flying. Remember, you’re always welcome at our place in Canada. It would make a great tour.
      Randy and Cheryl

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