Who We Are

Welcome to CRWORLD. CR is us, Cheryl and Randy. And this is the continuing story of our journey as we head off into the world to fulfill our dreams for adventure, discovery, and purpose.

California Coast

We’re just normal people (at least that’s what we tell each other). Living in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada for the past 16 years, Randy has pastored a local church and Cheryl has operated a family daycare. We have three awesome children and four of the cutest grandkids planet earth has ever seen. The journey so far has been beyond great. But the journey’s not over. So like everyone else, we come to one of life’s junctions and wonder what’s next. It seems that the culture we live in would tell us that now would be the time to really dig in and work harder, purchase some of those big ticket items you’ve been dreaming about, and of course build up that retirement fund because you won’t be young forever. But isn’t that the point; we don’t have forever.

Our Fireplace

We have this great gift of life and time and we have one go at it. At times it feels to us that our western cultures' obsessive pursuit of comfort and security is like a poisonous weed that chokes out our God given dreams. Perhaps that’s why we never hear lectures of caution and responsibilities from the 60 plus crowd. Their usual response is, “Go for it, you only live once”. Unfortunately many of their voices crack with regret as they encourage us on. So at the end of the day, or the end of our time, we’ve determined that we are not going to look back over the story of our lives with regret because we gave up our dreams to settle for the status quo. Why not take a chance...no regrets.