Our Plan

There's really not a big plan. In fact, we've purposely kept it rather simple with the freedom to change it up on the go. If right doesn't seem right, then we'll go left, or straight, or maybe just stay put. I guess you could say we've left the finer details up to God. We don't think of ourselves as religious people (you know...the man made stuff). But we're really into God and the awesome adventurous life He has given us.   Let's give  ourselves a couple of years to just go and see where the road leads.   Let's head south from our front door, through the USA, Mexico, Central and South America.   Let's ride our bicycles. Unlike a gas guzzling vehicle, traveling by bike puts us right into our surroundings and allows us opportunities to interact with the beauty and the people we encounter along the way.   Let's not get bogged down in details. We are certain the route will change along the way and who knows how far we will get.   Let's bring a tent and throw it up somewhere as the sun goes down.   Let's have a bunch of yard sales, sell all our stuff, get rid of the car...etc. (wow...felling free). Should be enough to keep us going for a couple of years if we keep it simple.   Let's experience some of the world and it's peoples beyond our front door. Let's lend a helping hand hear and there along the way. Let's make a difference. Let's have some fun. Let's chase our dreams for adventure, discovery, and purpose. Let's take a chance. Let's "go for it". After all, we only live once.